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Heat Treatment

Heat Treatment

Heat treatment is a metal hot working technology in which castings will be heated, held temperature and cooled down to change the marco- and micro-structure. As a result of that, we can get necessary mechanical properties, hardness, and metallographic phase.


  • Range

    Giayoung can perform various types of heat treatment such as solution, quenching, tempering, normalizing, annealing, recarburization hardening and tempering, recarburization normalizing in house, and is equipped with High-temperature solution treatment furnace that can reach 1250℃ max, and controllable atmosphere multi-purpose furnace that can reach 950℃.
    In addition to our in-house capability, Giayoung is able to offer a wide range of specialist services that are provided by long term, reliable and fully audited partners, including vacuum heat treatment, induction quenching, nitriding hardening, carburized hardening, QPQ (salt bath compound heat treatment), hot isostatic pressing, etc.

Advanced Equipment

  • 高温固溶炉

  • 可控气氛多用炉