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Break the Bottleneck

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A well-known pump company is to develop three impeller products for the Hinkley Point nuclear power project in UK. The customer originally planned to purchase them in Korea but did not succeed after several rounds of development. Based on the trust on Giayoung 's technical level and delivery ability, meanwhile, to reduce the purchase cost, they have transferred them to our company for development.          
Compared with the traditional industry, the nuclear power field has higher requirements for product quality, and its difficulties are concentrated in:
1. The impeller passage is narrow, and it is difficult to make shells, which is prone to core drift. The 3D scanning deviation of the runner should be controlled within 1mm. (According to product quality standard Zn-124, the general deviation is within ±1.5mm, and the special tolerance is ±1.0mm).                
2.  There is a 65mm high sealing ring at the inlet, which is not conducive to the design of the pouring system. 
To overcome the "technical bottleneck" as soon as possible, the casting process Design Section of the Engineering Department organized personnel from relevant departments of our company to carry out multiple rounds of process discussions, and analyzed and discussed the technical problems existing in this project. The latest round of experiments has made an obvious breakthrough. The maximum deviation of flow passage 3D scanning results is 0.93mm and 0.55mm, which meets and exceeds the customer's requirements on the range of flow passage deviation!                        
The breakthrough of this technical bottleneck not only strengthens the confidence of customers but also lays a solid foundation for the smooth undertaking of similar difficult products in the future.

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