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School-enterprise Cooperation Benefits Each Other

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On September 1st, Giayoung treated a group of vigorous new faces—49 interns from Dongying Technician College, who will spend half a year internship in the company. They are also the fourth group of students who enter Giayoung for intership since the start of the "school-enterprise cooperation" between Giayoung and the Technician College.
This group of students mainly comes from the majors of CNC and mechanical machining. During the internship, the students will practice production skills under the guidance of the masters in accordance with the established internship plan. After the internship, outstanding students will become regular employees of Giayoung.
In the past four years, Giayoung and Dongying Technician College have extensively and deeply carried out school-enterprise cooperation projects based on the link and chance of "students' internship in the factory", creating platforms and opportunities for enterprises, schools and students on common development.

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